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Quick Buying Guide for Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Quick Buying Guide for Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Buying a brand-new robot vacuum cleaner can be overwhelming. There are so many different kinds on the market today. How do you know which machine is right for you? Before you set out to make your purchase, consider the following items in this brief guide.

What’s in Your Home?

If you have mixed flooring, it’s important to look for a machine that can detect the type of surface it is cleaning and adjust accordingly. The Deenkee D40 applies different pressure levels to different types of carpet by ramping up the suction and then dialing the suction back again when it leaves the carpeted area.

The size of your home will determine your battery requirements. A larger and more expensive battery is one way to accommodate a large home, but intelligent programming is important, too. The Deenkee D40 and the DK700 both return to their charging stations when the battery begins to run low and then resume where they left off when they’re fully charged.

Finally, think about  who’s living in the home. If you have furry roommates, you’ll need a robot vacuum cleaner that’s up to the job of cleaning up after pets. With high-powered suction, tangle-free brushes, and mopping capability, the Deenkee D40 is the perfect robot vacuum cleaner for pets!

Consider the Features

The way a robot vacuum cleaner navigates is important, as that can be the difference between random bumping around the room and meticulous cleaning. The Deenkee D40 uses a high-precision laser to scan the room and then uses its SLAM algorithm to build a map of the room. It then proceeds to clean the space by going around the perimeter first, followed by the inside section in an s-shaped pattern.

Many modern robot vacuum cleaners come with WiFi connectivity and the ability to control the machine with an app. If coming home to clean floors is important to you, this is a feature you can’t go without. The Deenkee app allows you to view a real-time map, showing you the progress of the robot vacuum cleaner and allowing you to start or stop a cleaning cycle and make changes while cleaning is in progress.

DEENKEE D40 robotic vacuum cleaner

What Is Your Budget?

Robot vacuum cleaners come in a wide range of prices, from as little as $200 to over $1000. If you’re on a really tight budget, you can pick up an older model or budget machine with less functionality. On the other hand, if you want the latest model of the most popular brand, it can set you back a pretty penny without adding that much performance.

Quiz: Help me choose the suitable Roborock models.

Deenkee has a series of robot vacuum cleaners for different needs and budgets. At a price point of only $169, the DK700  uses inertial navigation for a thorough clean. It vacuums as well as mops and offers remote control via the app. The DK700 offers a large dust bin, decent 54W of power, and 2000Pa of suction.

If you’re willing to splurge a little, the Deenkee D40 offers all the bells and whistles at only $299. This high-powered machine offers 59W of power and 3000Pa of suction. It too vacuums as well as mops and has app capability. Just like robot vacuum cleaners that cost twice as much, the D40 offers superior navigation with its high-precision laser and SLAM algorithm. This robot vacuum is perfect for carpet, homes with pets, large spaces, and more.

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