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Let a Robot Pick up Your Pet’s Hair Today!

Let a Robot Pick up Your Pet’s Hair Today!

For pet owners, these cute, fluffy animals are a source of joy, yet cleaning up their loose fur is a lot of work. It can take hours to pick up their hair and sweep or mop the floor, and it could get even worse if you have carpets. Yet, like most problems in this world, there is a solution for it: robot vacuums. Take a moment to learn about Deenkee D40 mind-blowing new features and you will be amazed with the genius of Deenkee flagship model.

Hairy Situations: How to Deal with Dog Hair Everywhere - The Dog Blog
Deenkee D40 has an industry-leading technique for smart mapping, based on its laser-distance navigation, which scans the floor to help create a cleaning route. The SLAM algorithm programmed into the computer plans a zigzag pattern that’s incredibly efficient. Compact as it is, it has 13 sensors built into the body to prevent it from bumping into things or getting stuck. To be precise, its obstacle-warning capability is around 2 centimeters.


Because of that, Deenkee D40 is especially practical for picking up pet hair, given its powerful suction and mopping functions. It has a suction power that’s up to 3000Pa, while its automatic carpet pressurization mode performs extraordinarily well with carpets. The mopping function, too, will not leave your floor wet or slippery, because it only mops areas where Deenkee D40 has vacuumed and monitors that dampness so it doesn’t leave water trails behind.

DEENKEE D40 robot vacuum cleaner

To help you make your decision, take a look at a Deenkee customer’s comment, which proves the point that Deenkee D40 is the way to go for pet hair. Customer “turshija” comments that: “I also have parquet flooring (living room and bedroom), mixed with tiles in other rooms. In my opinion, mopping rocks! Of course if you have some serious stain, you will need to clean it manually, but Deenkee is pretty decent too, especially if you use it at least once a day (if it misses a spot, it will clean it tomorrow). It’s perfect for cleaning small everyday stains, especially after walking a dog when it's wet outside and they are leaving footprints all over the house. I have a dog (Chow Chow, a lot of hair) and a cat (domestic, but also a lot of hair) and having a vacuum that cleans entire house twice a day is amazing !”

The incredible Deenkee D40 can keep your place pet-hair and dander free, giving you more time to play with your adorable creatures. This modern-designed robot vacuum will definitely be worth checking into for its powerful suction, sensors for navigation, smart-mapping based on laser-distance navigation, and mopping function.

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